Tzell Travel Group not only believes in the power of technology but in its constant evolution.

Those In The Travel Industry Who Fail To Keep
Up With The Latest Technology Risk Failing To
Maximize The Efficiency And Cost-Effectiveness
Of Their Travel Management Programs.

Tzell Travel Group utilizes multiple technologies and unique pricing techniques to ensure you of the lowest prices available within the Global Distribution Systems for air, hotel, car, and cruise reservations.

Quality Control

QCX, our automated quality control system, ensures the lowest practical airfares based on company travel policies and profiles. It accesses reservations from day one of travel to completion ¨C searching for alternate airlines and routings and following up with a daily fare review every 24 hours to ensure that all lowest fare opportunities have been explored.

Ticket Tracking

Once ticketing has occurred, ResTRACK identifies and reviews all e-commerce transactions, alerting you and our travel consultants to any unused or partially used tickets that have outstanding and re-usable resources.

Management Reporting Suite

We recognize that management information is a key operational tool, and we are able to provide you with a variety of reports, whether online or offline, to assist you in monitoring activity and to ensure that your travel policy is upheld; enabling effective control of budgets.

Compass Travel Portals

The above technology tools and a host of others are accessible through the Compass Travel Portal, a secure Internet site that is customized based on your travel management objectives. Features include a customized profile system and a secure login.

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