Cost Management

Tzell Travel Group recognizes that the cost and consequences of travel can be the critical difference between our clients’ success or failure in achieving their objectives. In many cases, Tzell’s measurable value becomes a powerful sales tool in itself promoted by our clients to solidify existing relationships and add new ones. At the same time, one of Tzell’s points of differentiation is our track record of shifting market share to our mutual partners, thus earning us the position to secure many of the value-added resources that are essential to successful cost management endeavors.

Savings At The Cost Of Service Is Bad Business.
Without Cost Controls, Great Service Becomes Irrelevant.

Employing our cost-savings experience and cost-avoidance programs, Tzell is able to design and implement effective, measurable cost protocols that enforce your travel policies. We are confident in our abilities to consistently reduce your overall trip costs and report our system’s performance and acceptance, improving your bottom line. Our hotel and car rental programs, coupled with key preferred vendor relationships, give Tzell a distinct advantage in affording clients some of the most competitive contracts available.

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