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Headquartered in New York City and with offices worldwide, Jodi Hersh Travels Group is one of the nation’s largest travel management companies.

Although routinely called upon to use the vast resources and capabilities that come with being an industry leader, we consistently arrive at client solutions with a level of dedication, detail, and personal service usually associated with a boutique agency.

Our business model is a unique blend of travel experience, personalized customer service, and advanced technology
that keeps our clients ahead of the curve.

Cost Management Solutions

Design and implement effective, measurable cost protocols. Employ the latest technologies to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness. A synergy of preferred partner relationships with some of the largest, highest-quality hotels, airlines, and car rental companies. Report results of established programs, performance, and compliance.


Multiple technologies and unique pricing techniques to ensure your travelers of the lowest cost for travel services. Automated quality assurance systems and unused ticket tracking programs based on company travel policies and profiles. Web-based reporting program Periskope. Online corporate booking tools.

Client Services

A focus on high-touch, low-cost service for our clients to meet the unique needs of your business. No call centers, rather a designated team of expert travel arrangers to support your travel objectives and policies. 24/7 access to handle every aspect of the travel reservations process. Access to all reservations and traveler profiles.


Recognized as one of the top five travel management companies in the U.S. Our service and management professionals boast decades of hands-on experience in travel, airline, and agency management. Unparalleled working knowledge in emerging technologies,
information sources, and full-service

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